Astrid Piber Partner and senior architect at UNStudio

Astrid Piber

Astrid Piber is a Partner at UNStudio and as such responsible for design, quality and knowledge management. As architect in charge of several large scale design projects at various geographic locations, she has been working closely with Ben van Berkel for almost two decades. When she joined UNStudio in 1998 she started on the Arnhem Central master plan project. Since then she has been working on numerous projects from the initial urban study and competition throughout realization. Balancing public and cultural aspects in relation to commercial parameters has been a common denominator in most of the projects, as has creating a novel approach to mixed-use projects such as the Galleria Department Stores in Seoul and Cheonan, the Star Place in Kaohsiung and the Hanjie Wanda Square in Wuhan. How the commercial realm is transforming public infrastructures has been a common thread in UNStudio’s work and in our transport and aviation projects, such as Changi Jewel and Taoyuan Terminal 3, opportunities which Astrid is actively pursuing. Currently Astrid is in charge of a series of projects in Europe, China, Singapore and South Korea. Recently completed projects are the new Hanwha HQ in Seoul, the Scotts Tower in Singapore and Raffles City in Hangzhou, China.


The Roundhouse Main Auditorium

Astrid Piber: UNStudio

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