Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes Founder & CEO of AKKA Architects

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Born and raised in the tumultuous city of Beirut, Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes Founder & CEO of AKKA Architects. Architect, speaker and author, Stephanie is part of a new breed of young visionary architects who operate beyond the nowadays-restrained realm of architecture. A strong advocate of value created through cross-disciplinary interactions. She believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields.

AKKA is driven by Stephanie’s vision of Architecting Interaction. Based on Stephanie’s belief that interactions are the seeds of innovation, Architecting Interaction explores how spaces and contexts can foster human interactions. Stephanie is also an author and speaker. She regularly speaks at conferences, summits & universities worldwide, including TEDx, the International Interaction Conference, the International Business Conference and the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design. Stephanie’s book Architecting Interaction: How to Innovate through Interactions  was launched early 2017.

Stephanie’s talk will focus on her ideas about the perfect environment for learning and collaboration and how small changes in the design of a space can have a great impact on human interactions that lead to innovation.


The Roundhouse Main Auditorium

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes: AKKA Architects

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