20/20 Vision

Since December 2011 the Glass Supper has been the industry leaders pre-selected option for coming together to cross-check annual results, to meet high net worth business partners and activate plans formulated to make next year, their best year. 

The Glass Supper signifies the year end and has become established as The Industry Event of The Year – James O’Callaghan EO’C Engineers, Tate Modern December 2017.

This year, 2019, we revisit Battersea Power Station Development and talk to the architects who introduced us to this “Jewel in the Crown” project back in 2014 when the Glass Supper was held in Merchant Taylors Hall.  The very same architects return to update this years guests on the progress made over the 5 year interim period  (2014 – 2019). They are joined by the Main Contractor who provides checks and balances to keep us all on track. Has the project remained true to the original plan or have there been significant changes? If so what are these changes? How have they affected the original architectural intent for each given phase of the project?  What is their vision for 2020?  The truth is revealed by those with authority, in Guildhall on Tuesday 10th December.

The Glass Supper is opened by Professor Martha Thorne who provides insight on architectural education, what do young architects take away with them when they graduate and embark on their own individual journey? Let’s hope they’ve been heated up with a heightened sense of knowledge about glass, heated to the point that a fire burns inside them for the unlimited possibilities this wonderful material holds. The presentations are brought to a close by the electrifying presence of Richard van Hooijdonk. Richard is a one-off, a glorious anomaly who returns to tread the Glass Supper podium following insurmountable industry pressure.

To come together under one roof for one day, with one purpose, to hold the right conversation with the right people in the right place, to talk with individuals responsible for shaping our world, these are the moments we live for – THIS IS NOT A DREAM!

The Glass Supper 2019 – The default glass industry event of every year!

The Venue

Guildhall, London

Home of the City of London Corporation, Guildhall Great Hall has been the centre of City government since the Middle Ages. The Great Hall has witnessed its share of drama. During the turmoil of the Reformation, peers, an archbishop and a queen were tried here for treason. It has been the setting for the pomp and circumstance of state and mayoral occasions since 1502.

Guildhall Great Hall is the third largest civic hall in England, where royalty and state visitors have been entertained throughout the centuries. It has been the setting for famous state trials, including that of Lady Jane Grey in 1553. The imposing medieval hall has stained glass windows and several monuments to national heroes including Admiral Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington and Sir Winston Churchill.

Today, Guildhall still plays an important role in the City. It provides a venue for state and civic banquets, meetings of the City of London’s elected assembly, the Court of Common Council, and for the Honorary Freedom of the City ceremony.

The word ‘guildhall’ is said to derive from the Anglo-Saxon ‘gild’ meaning payment, so it was probably a place where citizens would pay their taxes. The present Guildhall was built in 1411 and, having survived both the Great Fire of London and the Blitz, it is the only secular stone structure dating from before 1666 still standing in the City. It is likely that at least one earlier guildhall existed on or near the current site. References to a London guildhall are made in a document dating back to 1128 and the current hall’s west crypt is thought to be part of a late-13th century building.

Remains of a long-lost Roman amphitheatre discovered in 1987 underneath what is now Guildhall Yard indicate that the site of Guildhall was significant as far back as Roman times…. And on Tuesday 10th December 2019 The Guildhall will host The Glass Supper 2019

Address: Guildhall, Gresham Street
London, EC2V 7HH

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