The Future is ours to see

Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Systems, Smart Technologies & Smart Glass

There is heavy emphasis on smart connected cities, smart systems and smart technologies at the Glass Supper this year, factors that significantly impact the design and construction of buildings right around the globe. It’s enthralling to watch as digitisation engulfs not just the architectural glass industry but all life and all industries throughout the entire world.  From scientists who have developed robots that can smell and analyze volatile organic compounds in order to detect illness in human breath, hyper-realistic CGI influencers releasing records that go viral and boast over a million followers on Instagram.  All these developments within the AI and digital sectors of society are truly fascinating are they not.  Business Insider says you’ll soon be welcomed at your hotel by an automaton, same thing in your bank, in your local shops and shopping malls and businesses, someone, or something, that for all intents and purposes looks human like you, walks like you, talks like you and dresses like you. As a boy we called them dummies, now they’re called smart – there’s irony for you. Check this one out, it’s the best by far, there’s a technology called “Openwater” being developed as a cheaper alternative to MRI scans, the inventor Mary Lou Jepson says she has found a way to make our thoughts visible, like a hologram – Oh dear….that’s spooky! 

Never mind all that because the architectural industry has got smart glass, So There!  And just like digital technology our market is the entire world. At the Glass Supper the future is ours to see as we bring you the worlds best in terms of transparent architectural structures. Our Speakers rank among the world’s finest and most respected establishments such as the CTBUH & B.I.G.  After the coffee break we present ORANJEBOOM, where we get up close and personal with three explosively prolific architectural Practices from The Netherlands, companies that have consistently provided the “wow factor” year after year after year with their enviable portfolio of super structures built around the world. We welcome the expert insight and knowledge exclusively imparted to Glass Supper guests by AKKA Architects, UNStudios & MVDRV. THIS, is The Glass Supper 2018 Where everyone you meet is someone you should know!

The Venue

The Roundhouse, Camden

The Roundhouse is an internationally-renowned venue, hosting everything from Jay-Z and Gorillaz, major art installations and is also the home of contemporary circus in London. The venue has been, in its day, a railway storage area, a gin warehouse and an experimental arts centre. The Doors and Jefferson Airplane played here, Led Zeppelin played their first London gig here. Later the Ramones, Patti Smith, the Clash and Stranglers played here… And on Thursday 6th December 2018 The Roundhouse will host The Glass Supper 2018

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